Online booking terms and conditions

We advise that you read our online booking terms and conditions, as you will be requested to confirm that you have read and understood them before your booking is confirmed. Following this advice will help you to:

  • understand what you can expect from us;
  • obtain the information needed to organise your trip;
  • understand what we need from you to successfully complete your booking;
I. Online booking process

The main steps to book online are as follows:

  • (i) First step: Select the collection location
    Enter criteria for the collection address and dates on the online booking form
  • (ii) Second step: Select the destination location
    Enter criteria for the destination address and dates on the online booking form
  • (iii) Third step: Accepting the booking
    You will be requested to accept the booking.
  • (iv) Fourth step: Confirmation
    You will be requested to confirm said acceptance.
  • (v) Fifth step: Notification from AlcaláRadioTaxi
    AlcaláRadioTaxi will send you confirmation including your booking number The confirmation notice includes your booking details.
II. Booking confirmation from AlcaláRadioTaxi

At the end of the booking process, you will be redirected to the "Booking Confirmation" page; and the booking number will be highlighted on the same. Furthermore, you will receive a booking confirmation email including all of your booking details. Please print it and save it for consultation.

III. Booking details

Booking date:

  • we can accept bookings at least 8 hours in advance.
IV. Fares

The AlcaláRadioTaxi quote includes all mandatory charges corresponding to your booking criteria. This quote will generally include the following elements:

  • Value added tax or any other local tax.
  • Limited kilometrage.
  • Third-party liability insurance.
  • Any additional features: Please review our extras/special features section.
  • Damages and theft: up to the franchise's limit, in the case of being subscribed to this coverage, or otherwise up to the total value of the vehicle.
V. Payment methods / Payment terms and conditions

A. Payment

  • "Book and pay now"
    - Online booking.
    - Payment (online payment at the time of booking).
  • "Book and pay at the time of transfer"
    - Payment at the time of transfer.

B. Payment methods

Payment can be made using the following payment methods:

  • Credit and/or debit cards:
    Cards usually accepted at AlcaláRadioTaxi are Mastercard and Visa.
    Notice: Credit card payments are accepted within the limits authorised by the credit card's issuer.
  • Cash at the time of transfer:
    Cash payment is made once the transfer is complete.
    Cash payment is also subject to certain restrictions:
    • additional guarantees;
    • certain minimum amounts;
VI. Booking changes: Change / cancellation policy

You can see, change or cancel your online booking after it is confirmed, provided you do so 8 hours before the pick-up time and date. To do so, just get in touch with AlcaláRadioTaxi.

VII. The customer does not show up on the day of the transfer

If you have paid for the journey on the website by card and do not show up on the day of the transfer, AlcaláRadioTaxi is not obliged to return the amount if you do not provide 8 hours notice of your absence.

VIII. Force Majeure

None of the parties will be liable in the case of breach of obligations due to any situation of Force Majeure. Force Majeure will be considered:

  • as defined in applicable regulations.
  • any unforeseen or in all cases unavoidable event, independent of the party suffering the case of Force Majeure, which prevents said party from complying with its obligations.

In such a way that in the case of bookings with online payment, the transaction will be cancelled and AlcaláRadioTaxi will refund the pre-paid booking amount. AlcaláRadioTaxi will have no additional obligations regarding the transaction.

IX. Specific requirements

Customers must be of legal age to book with AlcaláRadioTaxi or pay them on their website Alcalá Any minor making a trip with AlcaláRadioTaxi must always be accompanied by an adult.